the fastest route to medical sampling

the fastest route to medical sampling

About us

An accredited and certified sample supply chain

Medista is the only specialised company that is accredited and certified to supply free medication samples to HCPs in a strictly regulated environment across Belgium and Luxemburg. The company was founded in 2000 and has developed a unique distribution model, supplying samples to a vast and growing network of nearly 10,000 HCPs on a regular basis. The conditions in which our samples are stored and transported are tightly controlled.

Products & services

Medista offers a wide range of possibilities and services for pharmaceutical companies, ranging from product launches to urgent medical needs. We facilitate trials and provide access to patients via HCPs.

Medista Box

Contains samples from various companies and brands. The Medista box is distributed to almost 10,000 HCPs up to four times per year

Company box

A proprietary sample box of your company’s products in a dedicated display, distributed in line with your requirements

Exclusive transport

Medista’s specialised courier service supplies samples at your company’s request to a targeted list of HCPs or sales reps

Tailor made services

A fully-customisable supply solution. We deliver a variety of products and tools (e.g. product information, corporate brochures and patient leaflets), adapted to your company’s needs

Why Medista?

A unique licence to operate

Medista has a unique licence to operate and is well recognised among HCPs. We provide a wide range of services to pharmaceutical companies. Our warehousing environment is controlled to ensure optimal conditions for health care products in accordance with Good Distribution Practices (GDP). Combined with an efficient distribution model that serves a large number of HCPs, we offer a service that is unparalleled anywhere in Belgium or Luxembourg.

Our strengths

Five key assets determine our DNA

Distribution model

10,000 HCPs in Belgium and Luxembourg

Medista owns a unique database of those medical professionals who request free medical samples for their practices.

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Quality management

The highest safety standards

We apply stringent processes and procedures for quality management throughout the supply chain. At Medista we do not make compromises. Quality and safety are embedded in our DNA. They are the basis of our business model.

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Sample storage

State-of-the-art storage facilities

Our warehouse facilities ensure your products are stored in the highly controlled conditions. Ongoing temperature monitoring in our storage facilities guarantees consistent product quality.

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The technology of the future, today

Medista’s embrace of innovation and the opportunities presented by the ‘internet of things’ keeps us at the cutting edge of logistic services

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Experienced healthcare entrepreneurship

Medista is committed to sustainable waste processing. We are continuously looking for ways to optimise transportation and limit mileage, while integrating individual distribution rounds to HCP’s across Belgium and Luxembourg.

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An experienced team of healthcare entrepreneurs

Medista’s management structure consists of experienced entrepreneurs that have a long track-record of working in the healthcare environment. Ownership and general management of the company changed in 2017. Sarah Taybi is leading Medista into the future, backed-up by considerable investment. Olivier Delaere, shareholder of Medista, is currently also General Manager at Axone Pharma and founder of Medipartner.

Sarah Olivier


A collaborative full-service model

Medista provides a unique route to market in close collaboration with its partners. By joining forces with other healthcare companies, Medista is able to offer an integrated multi-channel approach to connecting with the medical community in Belgium and Luxembourg.


Syndicated and dedicated medical teams, rectruiting and HR solutions, sales & marketing



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