the fastest way to medical supply

the fastest way to medical supply

About us

A certified medical supply chain

Medista is a highly specialized medical supply chain company. Our unique distribution model is tailored to the needs of the pharmaceutical community in Belgium and Luxembourg. We operate in a strictly controlled environment: GDP compliant and FAMHP approved.

Products & services

Medista is certified for medical sampling and supply chain distribution to HCPs. That includes: GPs, specialists, pharmacies, hospitals and nurses. We handle a wide range of products covering non-medicinal, OTC, Rx, biotech, vaccines, MNPs and PSPs. Merchandising activities to pharmacies are also part of our offering. Medista provides 24/7 services for urgent deliveries supported by a highly digitalized support system that integrates perfectly with yours. Zoom into our offering by selecting one of our divisions:

Medical sampling

Medista Box

Contains samples from various companies and brands. The Medista box is distributed to some 16,000 GPs, up to four times annually.

Company box

A proprietary sample box of your company’s products in a dedicated display, distributed following your requirements

Dedicated transport

Medista’s specialised courier service supplies your samples to a targeted list of health care providers or sales representatives.

Tailor-made services

Medista offers a fully-customisable supply solution to deliver your product information, corporate brochures, patient leaflets, and other materials.

Supply Chain Management

Medista offers best in-class logistic solutions for supply chain management, that meet the highest quality standards. We provide maximum flexibility in a strictly regulated and highly controlled GDP compliant distribution model.

We provide temperature control across the entire supply chain. We take pride in special handling, monitoring and security arrangements for sensitive products, including final-mile distribution requirements.

Medista supply chain solutions help ensure your product quality, from storage to distribution and delivery to the customer. We take full responsibility to execute your programs along the entire chain. We deliver on your brand promise. Every day. Always.

Medical Needs Programs

Medista provides a customer-tailored solution to store and distribute your Medical Need Product in time to your customer, taking into account all your additional requirements.

Patient Support Programs

Medista provides the customer-tailored solution to store and distribute your product entering a Patient Support Program.

Good Manufacturing Practice

Medista has a dedicated GMP-certified room for labelling and other needs.

Supply Chain for High-Value Products

Medista ensures the safe and timely distribution of high-value medicinal products, such as orphan disease treatments and innovative biologics.

Why Medista?

A licence to operate

Medista is a licenced operator and well known in the Belgium and Luxembourg community of health care professionals, pharmacists and hospitals.
We provide a wide range of integrated supply chain services to pharmaceutical companies.
We offer end-to-end distribution with our own fleet, with no subcontractors.

Our strengths

Five key assets determine our DNA

Distribution model

30.000 HCPs in Belgium and Luxembourg

Today, our unique and efficient distribution model serves many health care professionals, specialists in hospitals and pharmacists across Belgium and Luxemburg. We operate our own transport fleet, and do not subcontract.The Medista network is growing every day. We are omnipresent with 24/7 services in Belgium and Luxembourg, with a reach covering all healthcare professionals, hospitals and pharmacies across this region.

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Quality management

The highest quality standards

Medista handles medicinal products with care in a strictly controlled environment. From the moment they arrive till delivering to the health care practices, hospitals our pharmacies, our process guarantees product quality. We use specialist equipment such as temperature cubes and trans-safety locks. Calibration and euro-scanning ensure GDP readiness. Medista's process and service quality are ensured by frequent internal and external audits. Our end-to-end handling processes and zone-based processing facility mean that all products are delivered in accordance with highest quality standards.

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Automated routing; sustainable waste processing

In each case we use the most efficient distribution mode, for cost-effectiveness via advantages of scale, and keeping transport needs to a minimum. Medista’s automated routing program, makes medical products distribution as effective and sustainable as possible. Our routing and supply systems are adapted to the needs of each customer and the medical community.

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State-of-the-art storage facilities

We provide ambient (15-25°C) and cool (2-8°C) storage facilities. We are equipped to handle, store and forward the entire range of pharmaceutical products across Belgium and Luxembourg – from prescription samples, over-the- counter medication, vaccines, MNP products, medical devices, high-value products, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and all other medicine-related products.

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Medista applies tomorrow’s technology, today. We will soon launching high-performance data mining and real-time feedback systems to better track our service levels and monitor quality in real time. Our on-going innovation program plans direct-to-patient delivery systems and the introduction of new tightly-controlled distribution facilities for vaccine sampling. Our upcoming automated routing system will limit the time that samples spend in transit. Other opportunities being investigated by our innovation team include novel applications of the ‘internet of things’, or artificial intelligence tools, keep us at the cutting edge of pharmaceutical logistics services.

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An experienced team of healthcare entrepreneurs

Medista’s management structure consists of experienced entrepreneurs that have a long track-record of working in the healthcare environment. Ownership and general management of the company changed in 2017. Sarah Taybi is leading Medista into the future, backed-up by considerable investment. Olivier Delaere, shareholder of Medista, is currently also General Manager at Axone Pharma and founder of Medipartner.

Sarah Olivier


A collaborative full-service model

Medista provides a unique route to market in close collaboration with its partners. By joining forces with other healthcare companies, Medista is able to offer an integrated multi-channel approach to connecting with the medical community in Belgium and Luxembourg.


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